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Nativehearts - Youth Entrepreneurs

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E-commerce Start-Up Training Resources Web Tour

               Information condenses to knowledge, which condenses to wisdom,

                          and value is created in an information economy.

TIP: Create your own local Ecommerce and Entrepreneurship Hot list by exploring

the "other links" listings from the following best sites.


Learning To Create A Business

  • Access Ecommerce


    Enhancing rural development through electronic commerce. An easy curriculum for those new to the idea of rural ecommerce. An inexpensive booklet is available. Well done! Click on "Electronic Commerce Basics" and on the next page click on "Defining Electronic Commerce" and read that one page. Then hit the BACK button twice to return to this lesson page.

  • Cisco Systems, Inc. and the U.S. Small Business Association
have teamed to offer six

free Ecommerce courses covering the basics for planning, marketing and more.





Learn what's working. Extensive current quality resources. Highly Recommended! Free trial issues offered.


  • Adult and Youth Entrepreneurship Training Resources


    The Kauffman Foundation has a billion dollar endowment for funding youth and entrepreneurship

    programs. To review their free training resources, select Entrepreneurship, then Entrepreneurship



Women's Entrepreneurial Networks 


  • Women's Economic Self-sufficiency Team (WESST) Artisans, Taos, NM  

    http://www.wesstartisans.com/   Rural women artists' web sites. Recently

    featured as a case study of success.


  • The Women's Business Center at Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

    http://www.ceimaine.org/women     Betsy Tipper

    Helping Maine women grow their businesses through telecommunications.


  • Small Business Knowledge Base


    Teach yourself how to start a business, marketing, financial management and international trade!

    Too many ads, but if you keep digging you'll find serious resources.


Start-up Ecommerce Sites and Services (Free for limited time)


Free Ecommerce sites and a Merchant's Resource Center!

Youth Entrepreneurship

  • YoungBiz.com


Free Ebusiness sites and training for youth!


  • Hotlist of Student Entrepreneurial Resources:


    Wonderful listing of dozens of important resources for student entrepreneurship, home-based businesses, community service, and more!

Career and Job Marketing Sites

A Career Center that allows you to market your skills. Free resume posting, services for researching companies, job seeker information and has a great section on community business.


  • Guru.com


    Resources for marketing your services and finding work contracts!

E-Marketing (You built it and Nobody Came?)

The following were collected by Malcolm Dell of http://www.giftmarketing.org

We found his e-marketing workshop very useful. He's working on creating online courses, too.

Search Engine Promotion Tips





General E-marketing





Free Emailed Marketing Newsletters



Trading Links, Checking Links








Unique Ecommerce Services



http://www.ebay.com  Lone Eagle Ebay resources: http://lone-eagles.com/auctions.htm

An auction site which has provided sustainable businesses for many home-based businesses

in very rural locations. Six billion will be exchanged this year by people simply posting

pictures of what they have to sell. Ebay is one of the shining stars of Internet Ecommerce success.

See their site map for valuable resources, and "My Ebay" for an easy way to track what you're

selling or considering buying.


  • Netpreneur.org


    From Washington DC, the most electronically wired, educated, wealthy, and politically charged community in the world; here are sophisticated resources for learning how to grow an online business.


  • Telecommuting Jobs Listing and How-To-Telecommute Handbook


    Interesting focus for a home business; to teach others telecommuting skills.


Optional Advanced Resources and Services

  • Centranow

    http://www.centranow.com " Redefining Elearning and Collaboration"

    Internet-based voice-based services, conference calls, and more! Free E-meeting Trials!

  • Wholetree Ecommerce Language Translation

    http://wholetree.com "Engineered Multilingual Solutions"

    Services for going global!

  • Kikos


    An easy-to-use set of online publishing tools that

    requires no training or HTML expertise -- lets you develop interactive Web

    documents that give you insight into your employees' understanding and


  • WR Hambrecht and Co. Brokers


    Select "Research" and find the latest corporate Elearning Market report.

  • The Pacific Institute


    Changing the way you think. Corporate training.


For more Entrepreneurship links see http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks2.htm

Far more is available via Lone Eagle's online course


"A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet"



See also "Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies"



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